CQC Pre-registration Toolkit

Application for the Registration of  a Homecare/Domiciliary Care Agency
Documents included in the Toolkit
This is what CQC ask for This is what we provide in the Toolkit
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All documents are in Microsoft Word, when purchased.
1. Statement of purpose We have downloaded the CQC Template and converted it into Microsoft Word for ease of completion if you choose not to complete it on-line.

Statement of Purpose - CQC template with Notes (in Microsoft word)
2. Management policy and procedures document

You must provide information about your policy and procedures for:
  • assessing and monitoring the quality of your service
  • identifying and assessing risks to the health, safety and welfare of people who use your service
  • the maintenance and safe storage of records about service users and staff
  • obtaining and acting on feedback from service users.
We have drafted model Policies for you covering:

Policy - Quality Assurance
Policy - Records

Policy - Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment - Clients

In addition we have provided an extract from our Quality Assurance Toolkit. This toolkit enables you to gain feedback and judge client satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Toolkit - Extract
3. Safeguarding policy and procedures document

You must provide information about your policy and procedures on safeguarding, and provide guidance about how people can raise concerns about abuse. This must be accessible to people who use your service, their advocates, those lawfully acting on their behalf and those close to them, as well as to your staff.
We have included our model policy on Safeguarding

Policy - Safeguarding
4. Planning permission document (optional)  
5. Building regulation document (optional)  
6. Registered manager supporting evidence document  
7. Governance document

You must provide information about how the management of your organisation is structured and organised.
This is to ensure your governance arrangements enable you to meet the fundamental standards and continue to meet them in the future. The registration inspector will want to discuss this with you, your lead partner or your nominated individual as part of their assessment.
Only you can describe your management structure, but we have added our model policy on Good Governance.

Policy – Good Governance

This super set of FULLY EDITABLE documents will greatly assist you as you prepare your application to register as a Homecare/Domiciliary Care Agency. The documents will be downloaded by you (24/7 access) in Microsoft Word format.
The cost is just £195 plus VAT. We will DEDUCT this from the cost of the Complete Care Package should you buy this from us after you have successfully completed your Registration with the CQC.
Please click here to buy on-line. You will then be given access to these documents after processing - usually the same-day.

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