As our material is produced in the top-selling word processing software, Microsoft Word, you are of course free to add your personal touches, such as inserting your logo, making changes to the content, etc. In this way you can personalise our material, to make it look like your own, in a relatively short period of time, usually around 7-10 working days.

You might, however, like us to do this for you.

First point is we only personalise policies and procedures - you may have bought a larger package (The Complete Care Package for example) containing forms, letters, guides etc. We do not personalise these.

This is the process for personalising a set of Policies and Procedures.

⦁    After confirmation of your purchase, and the request to personalise the Policies and Procedures, we will send a questionnaire to you seeking more information.
⦁    After receipt of the questionnaire, if there are any issues then we will get in touch with you, and clarify any final points.
⦁    We will then work on the Policies, individually, so that they reflect some of the finer points we have discussed with you via the questionnaire.
⦁    When complete, we will upload the files to your personal space on our server, with you accessing the personalised files using your Username and Password.
⦁    You then have 100% control of the printing and binding.

Or, you might like us to print the files as well, put them into a Folder, and post them to you as the "complete set" - Job Done, so to speak

We will be delighted to do this for you. There are additional costs, of course.
In order to see the comprehensive nature of the personalisation service we offer, please click here to see the questionnaire we use to obtain the more detailed information we need to reflect your preferences. We do not simply add your name to a computer programme.

After Personalisation of your Policies and Procedures you can ask for them, should you wish, to be made available to your employees via the Internet using a Username and Password unique to you.
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