CQC Pre-Registration Toolkit
Key Documents for New Providers

A clear and concise document startup kit, giving you the essential supporting documents needed to prepare your application to register as a Provider of Personal Care with the Care Quality Commission in England.

Includes the key policies and templates to help get you to the point of submitting your application to CQC.

All documents are fully to up to date and are regularly reviewed by our policy consultants.

Now includes a business start-up guide.

We can personalise this package, branding all the documents with your company name, logo and contact information (no additional cost). This will further enhance the quality and professionalism of your documentation. You will receive the information about this process in your welcome email.

Discounts available if you wish to later upgrade to a full package (details at the foot of the page).

Priced at £195.00 plus VAT in order to be affordable and accessible for even the smallest startups.

To order the CQC Pre-Registration Toolkit for England:

What Do CQC Ask For? What's Provided in the Toolkit
1. Statement of purpose We have converted the CQC Statement of Purpose Template into Word format for ease of completion. This can be uploaded to accompany your application.

Statement of Purpose - CQC template with guidance notes (in Microsoft Word format)

If you need assistance filling in the Statement of Purpose Template, please contact us for more information. This is available as an additional bespoke service and is not a standard part of the Pre-Registration Toolkit.
2. Management policy and procedures documents

You must provide information about your policy and procedures for:
  • assessing and monitoring the quality of your service
  • identifying and assessing risks to the health, safety and welfare of people who use your service
  • the maintenance and safe storage of records about service users and staff
  • obtaining and acting on feedback from service users.
We have created detailed, up to date model Policies to accompany this part of your application:

Policy - Quality Assurance
Policy - Record Keeping

Policy - Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment - Clients

In addition we have provided an extract from our Quality Assurance Toolkit. This toolkit enables you to gain feedback and judge client satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Toolkit (Extract)
3. Safeguarding policy and procedures documents

You must provide information about your policy and procedures on safeguarding, and provide guidance about how people can raise concerns about abuse. This must be accessible to people who use your service, their advocates, those lawfully acting on their behalf and those close to them, as well as to your staff.

You must also provide related policies including Mental Capacity, Lone Working and Access to People's Homes.
We have included a detailed, up to date model policy on Safeguarding to accompany this part your application:

Policy - Safeguarding
Policy - Keyholding and Access
Policy - Lone Working
Policy - Consent to Care
(including Mental Capacity and DOLS)
4. Planning permission document (optional) Only relevant if you are seeking to erect, extend or change use of a premises for your service. This would need to be sought from the local authority with support from suitable property professionals.
5. Building regulation document (optional) As with planning persmission, building regs documentation is only relevant if you are seeking to erect, extend or change use of a premises for your service.
6. Registered Manager supporting evidence document You would need to provide a personal statement and any other relevant supporting evidence for your Registered Manager.
7. Governance document

You must provide information about how the management of your organisation is structured and organised.

This is to ensure your governance arrangements enable you to meet the fundamental standards and continue to meet them in the future. The registration inspector will want to discuss this with you, your lead partner or your nominated individual as part of their assessment.
Only you can describe your management structure to CQC, as this is very specific to your company, but we have provided you with our up to date model policy on Good Governance. This will give clear explanations of how you will adhere to good practice in all key aspects of organisational governance.

Policy – Good Governance

This set of documents may be small compared to our full policy packages, but it will be a huge help as you prepare to register with CQC as a Provider of Personal Care!

If you later wish to buy one of our full packages, we will offer you a discount as a thankyou for purchasing the Pre-Registration Toolkit. We will discount £195 from the cost of a Complete Care Package, or £100 from the cost of a Policies & Procedures Package.

To order the CQC Pre-Registration Toolkit for England:

£195.00 plus VAT

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