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How often do you update your material?

We are always looking out for changes in the law, regulatory demands or what is considered good practice that might impact our work. So when we are aware of the need for change, we do it. We announce these changes on our website and those customers who subscribe to our services will have immediate access to the updated material.

Do you add new material?

Yes, we are always looking for ways to improve our range of products and services. We also invite people to identify any omissions they think there are in what we provide. We can then consider adding new material, and making this available to our subscribers.

Is your material editable?

Our material falls into two types – Microsoft Word documents and pdf's. The pdf's are documents we have downloaded from the internet - they are not our material - we provide it because it is useful material, and will help you gain a better understanding of things which are maybe new to you.

The material we have developed ourselves, the word documents, well they are fully editable, so you can make "ours" look like "yours" in no time at all.

Can I cancel my order after it is placed?

If you have completed the transaction, and we have provided you with access to our material (either by you downloading an item, or by us providing you with a User Name and Password), then the answer is No.

Can I see what I am buying before I buy it?

Yes, absolutely. All of our products can be viewed in PDF format (non printable and non copiable) via our website. These restrictions disappear when you buy something, as the material you buy is in unrestricted fully editable Microsoft Word.

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