As a complete care company, we at Ronecare are trusted experts in providing policies and procedures for supported living and domiciliary care. Whether you’re a start-up business or an established care company, we advise on all policies in health and social care for any business size. 

Based in Greater Manchester and operating all over the UK we are a nationwide company with clients in London, Manchester, Leeds and so on. Our competitive pricing structure allows our clients to achieve the best deal to suit them. As a complete care company it is important to us that we tailor our services to suit our clients needs. We specialise in ensuring our services are relevant to your business. All of our packages are broken down into policies and procedures for supported living, domiciliary care policies and procedures and complete care packages for both. 

We understand at Ronecare that it can be daunting and time-consuming for any care business to find the right policies in health and social care. Meeting CQC standards is a much smoother process once you have a complete care package in place. We will provide you with all official documentation including quality assurance methods, codes of practice, risk assessments, care legislations and so on. 

So, whether you’re based in Manchester, London or anywhere else across the UK, we can provide all the policies, procedures and care packages you need at your service. All of our documentation is fully editable so they can be customised to your specific requirements. We also have a selection of sample material which you can view to get an idea of expectations. 

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"Great System"

Wayne Welch, Director
[email protected] Newbury Ltd

"Loving the documents !"

"From what I have used of the documents so far for both clients and staff they are exactly what we want for our model of care . We are currently changing over from our current provider and I love the fact your documents have a modern look to them as well. The site itself is much easier  to understand and use than what we have been using before so overall yes very pleased we have come to you".

Michelle Thompson
Managing Director / Registered Manager
Unique Homecare Services Limited.

"Your package is comprehensive and rigorously compliant"

Tyler Collins
South West Complex Care Services Ltd


"I would highly recommend Ronecare. The  effective support and timely communication is great. The full care package I received is fantastic and I couldn’t run my Domiciliary care service without these. Ronecare also keep you updated with any changes and additional policies they add to their service."

Zoe Graham
G Care

Sample Material

Click here to view Sample Material

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***Your staff may have access to your Policies and Procedures on line if you wish, via PDF's which are non-editable***

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The "Complete Care Package" is outstanding value for money and perfect for your domiciliary care or supported living operation. (The Complete Care Package includes the Policies and Procedures Package described below). Click here to view the contents of the Domiciliary Care Complete Care Package, and here to view the contents of the  Supported Living Complete Care Package.

Our comprehensive "Policies and Procedures Package" covers around 100 Policies divided into Operations, Human Resources and Health and Safety. Click here to view the contents of the Domiciliary Care Policies and Procedures Package, and here to view the contents of the  Supported Living Policies and Procedures Package.

Free Materials

 All purchasers of either the Complete Care Package, our Policies and Procedures Package, or the Pre-Registration Toolkit will receive a Free 15-page guide (click here to view) to starting a business

Purchasers of the Complete Care Package, or the Policies and Procedures Package will receive our 6 - section pre-inspection guidance toolkit  (click here to view)

Purchasers of our Policies and Procedures Package will receive Our Quality Assurance Programmes (click here to view) worth £195! (Already included in the Complete Care Package)

First class editable documentation in Microsoft Word

Easy to download and use
High quality but 
Up to date 

We can personalise your Policies and Procedures as well!

Click here to see what a personalised Policy looks like. Each one is individually produced using your logo, your name/address, etc.

We can arrange for your employees to have on-line accessibility to your personalised Policies and Procedures if you wish, via non-editable PDF's.


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