CIW Pre-registration Toolkit - Wales

Supporting documents to an Application for the CIW Registration of a Homecare/Domiciliary Care Agency
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Documents required in the application form – All to be completed on-line by the Applicant.

Document Title

Who needs to upload these documents

Statement of purpose

For every service

Structural plan of the organisation

Who needs to upload these documents

Floor Plans

Accommodation based Services

Medical Reference

Every RI needs to upload this

Bankers Reference
Business Plan
Projected Cash Flow

All applicants except Local Authorities and Local Health Boards

Last 2 annual accounts

All limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability partnerships, charitable companies, charitable incorporated companies or any other corporate bodies.

We have provided a Word version of the on-line Statement of Purpose in case you want to complete this off-line and review it with an Advisor.

Assuming that the Initial online application is accepted, the next stage is a visit from an Inspector on your premises. They advise as follows:

Please make available a copy of the policies for the inspector to take with them for further assessment

This is what we provide in the Toolkit
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All documents are in Microsoft Word, when purchased.


Policy - Medicines Assistance and Administration

Supporting individuals to manage their money

Policy - Client's Finances

Infection Control

Policy - Infectious Diseases

Behaviour support

Policy - Challenging Behaviour and Restraint

Use of control or restraint

See above


Policy - Whistleblowing

Admissions and commencement of the service

Policy - Commencement of service


Policy - Complaints


Policy - Safeguarding

Staff support and development

Policy - Learning and Development and Policy


Staff discipline

Policy - Employee Discipline

If the service is being provided to children, the following policies must also be available:

We have assumed that these child-related policies refer to institutional care. Please advise us if they are requested for Homecare services.

Prevention of bullying


Dealing with allegation of bullying


Procedure to follow when a child is absent without permission


We will also need to see the following documents during the premises assessment:


Certificate of Insurance

  • Proof of ownership or tenancy agreement

  • Food business registration

  • Completed risk assessment as required under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (1)

Model Fire Risk Assessment Template

CIW also state, in their guidance:

Please ensure any other policies and procedures that support the aims and objectives of your Statement of Purpose are also available

We have spoken to CIW and the advice given was that you should be able to make available on this visit any policy (care related they said) which supports and relates to any specific type of care you are providing. Only you can judge what that might be. Talk to CIW if you need further advice.

Telephone: 0300 790 0126

This super set of documents will greatly assist you as you prepare your application to register as a Homecare/Domiciliary Care Agency.

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