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Date Updates
May 2020 A new Late or Missed Calls Policy has been added to all versions of our Domiciliary Care policy packages.

All policy index files are now also available as Excel spreadsheets as well as printable Word documents. This will help to improve cross referencing of policies.
April 2020 We have further updated our Safeguarding Young People policy.

A new Personal Development Plan template has been added to the HR section of all versions of our Complete Care Package.

We have added a standard Medication Audit Form and a further Medication Audit Tool (a resource containing further investigative questions beyond those we have selected for inclusion in the standard audit form).
March 2020 We are very excited to announce that our Policies & Procedures Package, and our Complete Care Package, are now available for Young People's services (age 13-18). These new Young People's versions of our packages cover Supported Living and Domiciliary Care, with specific policies addressing risks to children including trafficking, sexual and criminal exploitation, substance abuse and female genital mutilation (FGM).


All packages, including all Domiciliary Care and Supported Living products, now include relevant versions of the following new policies:

  • Procedure in the Event of Client’s Death – located in the Operations policies folder
  • Falls Prevention and Management Policy – located in the Operations policies folder
  • Training and Development Policy – located in the HR policies folder
  • Environmental Policy – located in the Operations policies folder
  • Suppliers and Purchasing Policy  – located in the Operations policies folder

 We have also updated several existing policies including:

  • COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases Policy – now updated with risk stratification tools, located in the Health and Safety policies folder
  • Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy – expanded new version, located in the Operations policies folder
February 2020 A new file search feature has been added to the Repo, our server for all client-accessible documents. Clients can now search for documents by name, either within individual folders or search all of your documents from the root directory when you first log in. We will expand its functionality to include search of tags and keywords in the coming weeks.

We have added a new Dementia Policy to our Operations Management module.

We have added a new Gossip and Malicious Communications Policy to our Human Resources Management module.

We have added a new Autism Policy to our Operationals Management module.

Two model Staff Timesheets have been added to the HR section of the Complete Care Package.

We have added a highly detailed new policy to all packages addressing the Prevention and Management of Pressure Sores.
January 2020 Further updates have been applied to a range of Risk Assessments within the Operations Management module.
June 2020 New Risk Assessment for COVID 19 and other Infectious Diseases available for office environments implemented.
June 2020 New model policy on Infectious Diseases implemented, entitled "COVID 19 and other infectious diseases".
May 2020 Following on from the April Handbook on Dementia, we have implemented a new Handbook on  understanding Autism.
April 2020 As part of the development and accessibility of learning materials we have added a new Handbook on Dementia. This Handbook is provided free of charge and is available to Customers who have acess to one of our Complete Care Packages.
March 2020

From 6 April 2020, the requirement to provide a written statement of terms and conditions extends to workers, not just employees. This includes casual and zero hours workers. The right to a statement no longer requires a minimum length of service and applies from the worker's first day working for the organisation. There are also changes to the information that the written statement must include.

We have reviewed all of our model employment contracts so that they comply with the new regulations. Clients who have access to the “Complete Care Package” (Domiciliary Care) may review the new documents by logging in to the website and follow the links to Human Resources Module – Employment Contracts – Contracts April 2020. Clients with access to the Supported Living Complete Care Package should go to – Management Library -People Management – Employment Contracts – External Resources – Contracts April 2020

March 2020

A Client recently asked if we could produce a Form which registers the instigation of a best interests assessment under the MCA 2005, and a record of the subsequent actions, together with the impact upon the Client, the Service Provider and the Client’s Personal Care Plan.

This is available to all Ronecare's Clients who subscribe to the Complete Care Package, and those eligible will find the Form (MCA Assessment Record), in the Operations Management Module – Operations Forms.

December 2019

We have added a model letter to our Quality Assurance Toolkit which explains the purpose of the Quality Assurance questionnaire you would like the Client or family member to complete as part of your Quality Assurance initiatives.

November 2019 We have added a new policy to our Supported Living Folder - Missing Persons. In addition, in support of this new policy we have created a Client Profile and a Missing Person's Incident Report.
November 2019

We have updated and improved our policy on Key Holding and Access to incorporate more detailed guidance on how to handle situations where a Client is visited, expected to be at home, and there is no answer.

November 2019 We have asked all of our Clients what they would like added to our comprehensive Complete Care Packages and our excellent Policies and Procedures. Their responses will form the backbone of our enhancements for 2020.
November 2019 New items added to the Complete Care Package -
  • Form - Summary of Complaints
  • Form to record oral complaints from Clients
  • Summary of the Complaints Procedure
September 2019

Risk Assessment – Falls

A Client recently enquired about a risk assessment devoted to Falls in the home. We have responded to this by adding 5 new files to our Health and Safety Module – Risk Assessment in the Complete Care Package. These files are:

1. Falls – General Information

2. Falls – Staff Information

3. Falls – Information Leaflets

4. Falls – Risk Assessment

5. Falls – Recording a Fall

We claim no credit for this work (except to re-arrange it and make it available to you) as it was produced and published on the Internet by Northern Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland). So, credit to them, it’s excellent material and I am certain it will prove useful.

February 2019 New Policy in Health and Safety - Clinical Waste
New Key authorisation Form
New MAR/PRN Chart
January 2019 2 New Supervisory Spot Check Forms added to Operations Management Module - view in Operations Forms
January 2019 New Policy in Health and Safety - Fire Safety new Fire Risk Assessment
August 2018 Now launched! Employee Handbook of Company Operations. Take a look by clicking here.
June 2018 Great News! All of our English Policies now have additional information: Purpose of the Policy, and References to CQC KLOE's, and the Regulations.

May 2018

GDPR. We are now ready. Are you? We have now completed our full set of GDPR materials which include: Policies and Procedures; Forms/Letters and Privacy Notices. These are now available for our Clients, as well as a downloadable product for you. Go to Home page, top, and click on GDPR.

April 2018 New product developed and now online - Pre - registration Toolkit (CQC) (see below). Only £195 VAT, which will be deducted from the cost of the Complete Care Package if bought from us following successful registration.
April 2018 We are now developing a new set of materials (available in a single pack) which reflect the supporting documents required for a new registration with the CQC, covering Statement of Purpose, assessing and monitoring the quality of service, identifying and assessing risks to the health, safety and welfare of Clients, the maintenance and safe storage of records, obtaining feedback from Clients, safeguarding and good governance. Available soon - call us for information.
March 2018 Food Safety and Hygiene Policy now completed and available for England, Scotland and Wales.
March 2018 Upon request we are working on a model Food Safety and Hygiene Policy - particularly useful for those Company's registered with their Local Authority and classified as a Food Business.
March 2018 We have started with the development of a Privacy Policy, which will be essential for everyone. This, along withn other GDPR materials will be integarted with the material in the Human Resources Management module. New Policies will also be added to HR policies.
February 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will ensure that our Clients are provided with guidance and documentation in order that they become compliant with their responsibilities under GDPR in advance of the May 2018 deadline for implementation.

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