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Listed below you will find the 8 products which we believe you will appreciate the most. There is a short description of the product, and you may examine in detail the contents by opening a description with a single click. To assess the quality and appropriateness of our work you can enjoy our no obligation  3 day “Free Trial”, where you can examine the documents we offer in detail. They are in non-printable, non-copiable PDF format, but when you buy the product, the documentation is in fully editable Microsoft Word.

After purchase how do you access the products?
For these 8 products, you will be given a Username and Password, which will provide you with 24/7 access via our website for one year.

Your Username and Password, and instructions for gaining access, will be emailed to you, usually the same day.

Whilst you remain with us, you will be advised of, and have access to, new additions and updates. You are under no obligation to continue after one year, but doing so allows you to keep up to date with legal and regulatory changes.


Subscriptions - Open and transparent pricing

We do not believe that you should pay the same amount in year 2 and in subsequent years, as you have paid in year 1, simply in order to continue to benefit from access to the material, and receive updates. So, we guarantee:

If you wish to continue with us in year 2, and subsequently, then:

Year 2 subscription will be 50% of that in year 1, and Years 3 and beyond will be 50% of that.



 Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 and beyond

 Complete Care Package



 (£22.12 per week Equivalent)


(£11.06 per week)


 (£5.53 per week)

All Domiciliary Care Policies and Procedures



 (£12.50 per week)


(£6.25 per week)


(£3.13 per week)


Prices exclude VAT, and assume that the purchased product paid for in subsequent years is the same as in year 1


If you have asked us to personalise the Policies and Procedures then the prices for years 2 and beyond will apply, as above. However you will be responsible for updating the original set we supplied with the updates you receive from us, unless you advise us that you wish us to personalise and submit the updates, in which case slightly increased rates will apply.

Downloadable Products

All of the larger packages are made up of small items, bundled together. Some customers may prefer to buy in this manner, choosing just the items they need at any particular moment in time. These smaller items comprise our “downloadable products”, and will be available, in zipped format, to customers to download directly to their computer immediately after purchase.

"Great System" - Wayne Welch, Director - [email protected] Newbury Ltd, Telephone: 0118 988 0124

Buy online or by phone: 0800 953 0150

Our commitment

We aim to provide excellent products and excellent service. We hope that if we fall short in any way, you will tell us.

Equally, if you think we can improve our products and service in any way, you will tell us how.

Thank you.

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